About Us

Web Mechanics (webmech) is a startup Web Design | Development company in Cebu founded by Japanese Web Developer Kagemasa Obata and Filipino Web Developer Odysseus Ambut. The company design and develop Web Applications and Systems for Japanese and Filipino Companies. The company initially started back in 2014 but officially re-establish in 2017.

Web Mechanics also offer an IT and ESL training services for Japanese students who wish to learn and improve both their English and IT skills at the same time through online system using Skype and other video call services.


Kagemasa Obata

Masa is a Japanese Web Developer and Japanese Web Development Manager of Web Mechanics.

He has been developing applications for more than 5 years and have been travelling all over the world for almost 3 years.

His creativeness in making ideas into applications makes it an asset for Web Mechanics.

His skills in simplifying complicated things makes in very easy for clients to understand and use his crafted applications

Odysseus Ambut

Ody is a Filipino Web Developer and Operations Manager of Web Mechanics.

Former Operations Manager and IT Trainer of different IT Schools in Cebu. He has been in the IT Industry for more than 11 years with different US and Japanese-based companies. Aside from IT skills, his other skills includes Project Management, coaching and training students.