Why Web Mechanics?

Web Mechanics guides students step by step in learning IT. From Basic Web Design to Advance Web Development. We will help you build your portfolio so it’s easier for you to find an IT job of your choice.

Aside from Teaching, Web Mechanics is engage to different companies in providing Web Design and Web Development Services, which gives the student real-world scenario projects were student can also learn from.

Web Mechanics assigned a teacher one on one to coach you every step of the way. If you have questions or need help in your project, you can ask right away!

Table Comparison from other online school
Web Mechanics Other Online (Self-Study Course)
2 hours per day video call IT class (M-F or depends to students and teachers availablity) no teacher / self-study
Student-Teacher Coaching and Training. Teacher will guide you step by step helps you in building your project Self-study, you have to learn by yourself
Portfolio-Oriented Training. We make sure that you will have a working website or project after the training No Portfolio, just practice coding and learning the basic. Up to the student to build own portfolio / project.

We use English in all classes. Rest assured, we use simple English to make sure our student understands our classes!