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Aside from Teaching Students to learn IT, Web Mechanics is currently engaged with different companies in providing Web Design and Web Development Services.

List of Current Portfolio

Listed below are some of the website we created for our customers

Click on the images to open the url of the websites.


Central Pilipinas Power & Automation Inc.

Website URL: www.centralpilipinas.com


Trans Pilipinas Power & Automation Inc.

Website URL: www.transpilipinas.com

Tornado Infra

Tornado Infra Station

Website URL: www.tornadoinfra.com

narry car software

Narry Car Software

Website URL: www.narrycarsoftware.com

MRC Mercantile

MRC Mercantile

Website URL: www.acrylicsheetcebu.com.ph

Coming Soon

Coming Soon!

Website URL: Coming Soon!